I have published three books of metal horse figurines.  The focus/scope of these books is mass-produced equine figurines made of cast metal, most are plated gray metal, but also lead, cast iron, brass, and pewter.  Most were
2nd Quality!  Metal Horse Figurines (2004) 2nd Quality!
Includes over 1000 freestanding metal horse figurines; 
that is, pieces that were designed solely for the enjoyment/beauty of the horse.
Approximately 500 figurines are repeated from my first book, with 500 additional.
Including over 100 models designed by Gladys Brown Edwards.
Artist and company information has been greatly expanded.
A value estimate is given for each piece.  Even with value/market fluctuations, these estimates provide an excellent basis for judging quality and rarity.
208 pages, B&W photos, soft cover, perfect binding.  ISBN: 0-9746808-1-8
regular price $34.95 (+$5 priority mail flat rate cardboard mailer shipping)  

My collection and my knowledge grew considerably since publication of the first book, and many other collectors also contributed to this work, making it a fairly comprehensive collector's guide, by far the best buy for the serious collector.  
 As of October 2013, this book is no longer available in first quality, almost 500 copies sold out!  However, check below for pricing on some copies that are considered to be "seconds" i.e. slight cover damage or ink problems on some pages, etc.  Book is complete, but has some small problem.
        (Email for specific problem with the book that will be sent.
2nd Quality! Metal Horse Collections (2001) 2nd Quality!
Includes over 1300 photos of metal horse figurines and various horse items, such as banks, toys, bookends, clocks, bottle openers, desk assessories, etc. 
Also included are harness brasses and a sampling of antique jewelry.
A value estimate is provided for most pieces.
Information about companies that produced these works
and artists who designed them is provided where possible.
Notes are included in the back of the book giving additional historical information.
304 pages, B&W photos, soft cover, perfect binding.  ISBN: 0-9746808-0-X
Originally $39.95, then $17.95 + $4 padded mailer, media mail shipping

This is a good basic book for the average collector.  It was, after all, my first book; so the information is not as complete as later books, but it is an excellent buy at the reduced price.  Value estimates changed  little in later books. They provide an excellent idea of quality and rarity of the pieces that are shown in this book.
    As of April 2011, this book is no longer available in first quality, over 800 copies sold out!  However, check below for pricing on some copies that are considered to be "seconds" and are non-returnable, non-refundable.  Books are complete, but will have some problem that kept it out of the "first quality" category.
Gladys Brown Edwards' Equine Works in Metal (2008)
Gladys Brown Edwards was a famous author and artist in the mid-1900s.  She molded, painted, sculpted and otherwise created many wonderful works of art.
She wrote books on horse conformation that are still highly referenced.
This book includes over 200 models of her equine designs 
produced in plated gray metal by the Ray E. Dodge Company 
and also a few by the Metal Corporation of America.
A sampling of dogs and other non-equine models are also included.
Value estimates are given for each piece.
152 pages, B&W photos, soft cover, perfect binding.  ISBN: 978-0-9746808-2-8
 regular price $29.95 (+$5 priority mail flat rate cardboard mailer shipping)
This book was made possible by collectors all over the United States who allowed me to photograph their collections, adding many wonderful GBE pieces to what was previously shown in Metal Horse Figurines.  It is packed with wonderful pictures along with historical information about this remarkable equine talent.

              All three books are 8 1/2 x 11" collector book format.

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You may preview 30-40 pages from Metal Horse Figurines and/or Gladys Brown Edwards' Equine Works in Metal on Google Books.  Just go to googlebooks.com, book search and type (or copy and paste) in either title.
made in the early to mid-1900s by U.S. foundries, such as Hubley, Jennings Brothers, K&O (Kronheimer and Oldenbusch), Dodge, Trophy Craft, Champion Products, etc.  Quality varies from heavy, artfully designed, beautifully finished pieces to cheaper hollow cast figurines. They were sold as souvenirs or inexpensive art items in gift shops, department stores and tack shops and catalogs.  Some, the cheaper ones, were used as carnival prizes, hence the name "carnival horse."  
                 Having done extensive research, I can assure you that these are the ONLY books available on this topic, and they can be purchased ONLY from me, either through this website or on eBay.  I have a considerable cost and time investment in this project, but it has been a labor of love.   And I've met some wonderful people and made some great new friends! 
Welcome to Carolyn Martin's Metal Horse Figurines
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