Content Information from all three books:

    Metal Horse Collections      
Miniatures and small models
Souvenir, painted, western tack
Souvenir, one-color, on base
Souvenir, one-color, western tack
Carnival banks, one color
Banks, not carnival, cast iron, etc.
Art/Souvenir/Toy, Western tack
Art/Souvenir/Toy, non-western tack
Cowboys and Cowgirls
Native Americans
Horse with rider, non-western tack
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Famous People, mounted
Mounted soldiers
Harness Horse(s), w/vehicles
Various horse items:
Pencil sharpeners       Belt buckles
Bells   Pocket knives
Keychains   Desk items
Uniform decorations    Bookends
Flats and wall items    Clocks
Hooks Windchimes
Bottle openers, etc     Outdoor items
Finials (hitching post heads)
Door knockers
Tools  Trophies   
Kitchen items     Harness brasses

Plus many notes and articles of interest to collectors.

      Metal Horse Figurines
Many notes and articles of interest to 
   What kind of metal is this?
   Storage of you collection
   Fundamentals of metal casting
   Casting and mold variations
   Dating a metal horse
   Cleaning and caring for metal horses
   Repair and Restoration
   Online buying (eBay, etc)
   Glossary and color terms
​Photos and information:
Art/Souvenir/Toy, no tack
Breyer and Hartland copies
Mortens Studio, a sampling
Souvenir, painted, western tack
Souvenir-Carnival, one color, western 
Carnival banks, one color, western tack
Banks, not carnival, cast iron, etc.
Art/Souvenir/Toy, western tack
Art/Souvenir/Toy, non-western tack
Art/Souvenir/Toy, English or racing tack
Cowboys and cowgirls, mounted
Native Americans, mounted
Horse with rider, non-western tack
Horses with jockeys, also polo pieces
Indexes:  Artists
      Collectors and collections
Companies, country marks, 
logos and stickers

     GBE Equine Works in Metal
Introduction articles:
   How do I know her designs, many are        unsigned?
   Rarity and Value Scale explanation
   Gladys Brown (Edwards), brief biography
   The Ray E. Dodge Company
   Dodge Trophy Bases and Disks
   Dodge Ashtrays, common ones
   Dodge Stickers and Labels
   Dodge Bases, the most common ones
   M.C.A. (Metal Corporation of America)
   The Dodge Foundry Metal Process
   Casting and Mold variations
   Storage, Cleaning and Repair
   Dating the Metal Figurines
Western Saddle Horses
Arabs, Morgans or similar
Rearing and jumping horses
Tennessee Walking Horses
American Saddlebred, 3-Gaited
   Mounted 3-Gaited
American Saddlebred, 5-Gaited
   Mounted 5-Gaited
Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Quarter
   Horses, and similar:  Untacked,
     Tacked, mounted, jockeys, polo, etc.
Draft Horses
Mules and Donkeys
Bas Relief
Bookends (some non-equine)
Bonus pages:  Dogs, cowboy boots, 
   cowboys (unmounted), other non-
   equine animals.
A concluding page with photos from the
   Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum, now 
   closed; the collection was sold (c.2010).

 Carolyn Martin's Metal Horse Figurines
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