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Gladys Brown Edwards’ - Equine Works In Metal - A Review
by Leo Pando

This newsletter recently featured a cover article on B-western genre based books. The underlying lesson from that exercise was obvious. In the best of all possible worlds, when the right author/researcher tackles a subject of their own choosing the end result is a labor of love that’s expertly informed. It’s not only educational but a joy to behold. The reader comes away inspired. Such is the case with Carolyn Martin and her current self-published book “Gladys Brown Edwards’ - Equine Works In Metal.” Edwards (1908-1989) is very well known among horse lovers as a great painter/sculptor/author whose books on equine conformation are still used as reference by modern scholars. From 1934 until about 1960 Edwards sculpted original models for the Ray E. Dodge Factory, which were reproduced in plated metal as trophies, paper weights, figurines, bookends, etc.
“Gladys Brown Edwards’ - Equine Works In Metal” is Martin’s third independently published work. Already an accomplished writer, her design skills have now matured to a semi-professional level. The scope and depth of her third book is impressive and the overall product is something Gladys Brown Edwards would be proud of.
As a long time fan of metal horse figures, I was thrilled when I came across Martin’s first book, “Metal Horse Collections” published in 2001. I was so impressed that a brave soul had taken on the enormous task of documenting such wonderful items. I don’t exactly recall how I came across the book, it may have been on eBay or the Wild West Collectibles Web site (a place I strongly recommend if you love western collectibles: but what struck me was her passion and fearlessness. She’d taken on a huge subject with inherent problems having to do with organization and documentation. Besides hours of research, her book required the defining of terms, a grading system and the creation of categories. Martin had to invent a context for a  wagon load of information. In the process she became the expert on metal horses. Whether they are free standing statues or part of a lamp, clock, ashtray, trophy or bookend set, Carolyn Martin was the source.
I was so struck by Martin’s first effort that I offered my assistance as a graphic designer on her second book, “Metal Horse Figurines” (2004) and that resulted in a cover. She in turn helped me with photos and information for a project of my own.

Leo Pando, author of An Illustrated History of Trigger, The Lives and Legend of Roy Rogers' Palomino, was kind enough to write this review which was published in a newsletter for his Old Cowboy collector group:
Leo also wrote the following letter directly to me:

I've spent the last couple of nights going over your book [the third one]. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must say that I am really
impressed. You really went the extra mile on this one. You've refined
your content and especially your presentation by miles.

I'm stunned by the research and information. You've really done Gladys
and her admirers a service. It's amazing you were able to gather and
organize all you did. I love the care and attention to detail. Your
gift for organization is also to be commended.

Thanks for mentioning me. I think you were pretty hard on yourself as
a designer in that paragraph. I know how much you've learned and how
much work and elbow grease you put into this project. It really shows.

Obviously you were born to document these wonderful pieces. You are
the source now.

Thanks again. I'm really proud of you.


Below is a scan of an article by Gail Fitch published in Hartland Model Equestrian News.  Gail is the author of several books on Hartland model horses.
Carolyn Martin's Metal Horse Figurines