I have published three books of metal horse figurines. The focus/scope of these books is mass-produced equine figurines made of cast metal, most are plated gray metal, but also lead, cast iron, brass, and pewter.  Most were
Sold out: Metal Horse Figurines (2004)
Includes over 1000 freestanding metal horse figurines; 
that is, pieces that were designed solely for the enjoyment/beauty of the horse.
Approximately 500 figurines are repeated from my first book, with 500 additional.
Including over 100 models designed by Gladys Brown Edwards.
Artist and company information has been greatly expanded from first book.

My collection and my knowledge grew considerably since publication of the first book, and many other collectors also contributed to this work, making it a fairly comprehensive collector's guide..                                           ..         
SOLD OUT!    : Metal Horse Collections (2001)  
Includes over 1300 photos of metal horse figurines and various horse items, such as banks, toys, bookends, clocks, bottle openers, desk accessories, etc. 
Also included are harness brasses and a sampling of antique jewelry.
A value estimate is provided for most pieces.
Information about companies that produced these works
and artists who designed them is provided where possible.

 Gladys Brown Edwards was a famous author and artist in the mid-1900s.  She molded, painted, sculpted and otherwise created many wonderful 
works of art.
She wrote books on horse conformation that are still highly referenced.
This book includes over 200 models of her equine designs 
produced in plated gray metal by the Ray E. Dodge Company 
and also a few by the Metal Corporation of America.
A sampling of dogs and other non-equine models are also included.
Value estimates are given for each piece.  Even with time and market fluctuations, these estimates are relevant as they denote the quality and rarity of each piece.
152 pages, B&W photos, soft cover, perfect binding. ISBN: 978-0-9746808-2-8
 Sale price $20.00 (+$7 priority mail flat rate cardboard mailer shipping)
This book was made possible by collectors all over the United States who allowed me to photograph their collections, adding many wonderful GBE pieces to what was previously shown in Metal Horse Figurines.  It is packed with beautiful photos along with historical information about this remarkable equine talent.   Book is 8 1/2 x 11" collector book format..

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                                    I would be happy to sign my books, but I do so only on request.
made in the early to mid-1900s by U.S. foundries, such as Hubley, Jennings Brothers, K&O (Kronheimer and Oldenbusch), Dodge, Trophy Craft, Champion Products, etc.  Quality varies from heavy, artfully designed, beautifully finished pieces to cheaper hollow cast figurines. They were sold as souvenirs or inexpensive art items in gift shops, department stores and tack shops and catalogs.  Some, the cheaper ones, were used as carnival prizes, hence the name "carnival horse," and many of these are marked "MADE IN JAPAN." 
                 Having done extensive research, I can assure you that these are the ONLY books available on this topic.  I have a considerable cost and time investment in this project, but it has been a labor of love. And I've met some wonderful people and made some great new friends! 
                 My first and second books have sold out and will not be reprinted.  My third book, GLADYS BROWN EDWARDS Equine Works in Metal (2008), is still for sale on this website and on eBay.
Welcome to Carolyn Martin's Metal Horse Figurines
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Gladys Brown Edwards'     Equine Works in Metal                    (2008)
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 Following are metal horse figurines that I have photographed since publication of my last two books.  As I did in the books, 
I have assigned a numbering system to each horse according to size and type of figurine.  It is my own made-up system and does not apply to any other book or collection.  The number can be used to discuss any metal horse from all three of my books plus those on this website.  Measurement given is from table to highest point on figurine.
10.145  1 5/8" Bronze Bucephalus replica purchased on eBay from Tim Farley, son of the author of THE BLACK STALLION, Walter Farley.  It came with a new edition of the book along with some interesting brochures about the history of the book, etc.  I paid $75 for the set in 2012.  On eBay in 2013, this horse sold separately "used" for $53.  Then in 2013, the horse and book sold for $172.50 (w/shipping).  That same week, the horse alone sold for $104 and then the set again sold for $168.  This is the only actual BRONZE piece I have in my collection.  
This is a work in progress, slow and tedious.. 
Check back again and often!
10.698 Horse & metal base: 2 1/4" (5.6cm). Onyx base is 3/4".  Purchased in a Michigan shop in 2013 for $26.Piece leans a little, legs looked stressed, but none are broken.
10.705 2 1/4: (5.8cm) Looks cast iron,
but magnet does not attract.
13.237 2 3/4"(7cm) Hollow, lightweight.  Unmarked. MI shop 2013, $8
13.252 2 3/4" (7.1cm) Black horse on thin base. Heavy.  LPGcol
13.257 & 13.2588
13.251x  2 5/8" (7.3cm)  Heavy.  Vienna Bronze? LPGcol
13.860 3 7/8" (10cm) Marked, but difficult to read.  On leg: "JBP"--plus more unreadable. Solid silver (real).  Arab. Linda believes him to be a $2500 value.

14.167  5 1/8" (14cm) Flat brass with green patina.  Peggy Collins Collection.
17.003 3 3/4" (9.5cm)  Cast iron (unlike many others of this model).  Magnet attracts, posibly Hubley.  MI shop 2/2012  $8.
17.049 3 7/8" "TROPHY c CRAFT" Art Deco stylized.  Heavy. ebay 2/14  $40
17054 4" (10.4cm)  Unmarked.  This beautiful little cold painted (dark palomino) foal comes mounted on a pipe stand with tobacco can (metal with wooden top, metal knob) and two pipes. There is green felt on the underside of the wooden base, probably once had an identifying sticker. No part attracts a magnet.  Screws hold each piece to a wooden base, but are hidden by felt.  Probably they would attract a magnet.  Ebay 11/12 $63  See 600.501 Bkend.  The foal alone sold on eBay 5/02 for $30.
17.053 4" (10.2cm) Silver plate, much of it is gone.  Ears are missing.  This is a donkey foal; I saw one in an antique shop once and it had big ears.  Sorry, I couldn't get a picture.  Line at neck is a mold line, not a break.  Ebay 11/12  $11.
18.024  4 1/2" (11 cm)  Different tail from 18.025, MHF. Photo/info: Lori Criitchfield
18.150 See 18.160 MHF
Debra Turner sen this picture,
18.200 (area) Purchased new in a CA shop for $12/pair.  Sorry, I can't remember who sent me this photo with no info..
18.210 A picture from ebay.
18.215  5 5/8" (14.2cm) "CHAMPION PRODUCTS"  and "c PHIL DINAPOLI"--very small in belly and back leg creases.  Sold on ebay 3/13 $117
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Compare 18.215 to Gladys Brown/Dodge's packmule: 18.432.  This Dinapoli piece is about an inch smaller.  Ears are different, and packs have different equipment.  I'll add a pic of the GBE piece later.
18.292  7 1/2" (14.5cm"--horse and base.  Foreign letters--nearside and under base.  Cast iron, heavy.  Tail may be separate mold.  Black spray.  Photo and info. from LC..
18.424 6 3/8" w/base (base is 3/16")  Shiny dark brown finish. Unmarked.  Cast iron.     LC/photo and info. 
18.429   5 1/2" (12cm) Remnants only of copper plating still showing.  Horse does not stand well with base missing.   Sold on ebay for $48.                  One with full copper plating sold on eBay in 2013 for $78.  Photo and infor from Linda Shawhan
18.510  6 3/4 (17.1cm) "JB" --Jennings Brothers.  My first of this model is pictured in my first book.  I had purchased it on eBay 10/99 for $31.  It had bent ears (typical of old JB pieces).  I gave it as a gift, so I bought the one pictured on the left above on eBay for $24, ears and legs also bent.  I paid Jim Walker (Escondido, CA) $45 to repair it.  He did a great job, though the finish does look a little stressed from the repair work.  I'm sorry to report that Jim died a few years back, and I have not found anyone to replace him.  The center horse belongs to Marney T. Jim Walker refinished this one for her.  The right photo shows the two models together, hers on a thin base.    In 2012 I wrote in my notes that I had seen it sell on eBay five times "in recent years" for from $90-$135.
19.525  6 3/4" (16.7cm)--horse only.  With base: 8".  Metal base on thick wood base.  Green felt.  Unmarked, but see 19.525 in MHF:  Armor Bronze / Taunton MA"--foil label.  I bought this one in a MI shop in 2103 for $40.
20.060  8" (20.5cm)--whole piece, low to high.  Dark bronze color.  Oriental mark on top of base.  Feet show frogs and shoes.  LPGcol
20.220  7 3/8" Bronze/copper  Listed on eBay in 2003 for $24.95.
20.318 8 5/8" (22.2cm)--Whole piece.  "PAUL HERZEL / c"--top of base.  See 600.485 in MHF, similar.  LPGcol.
20.408  11" (27.3cm)--whole piece.  Horse only: 9 3/8" (24cm)  Lighter weight than expected.  LPGcol
20.415  These pieces were sold at auction after Maia Sorensen died (see GBE book, 2008).     I believe they are models made from the GEO PHIPPEN design.  Another one Maia had in her collection sold for $33 on eBay, but I have seen others of this model go for over $200.
20.425 8 1/2" (21.7cm)  Listed on eBay:  BLACK STALLION HORSE DIE CAST METAL.  1 OF 3000.  From West Wind Collectables.  A beautiful hand painted, Die Cast Metal, Black Stallion Thoroughbred horse.  Done just a bit smaller than a traditional Breyer scale.  Each piece is a numbered limited edition of 3000, includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and numbered box.  Released in 1998, he comes in his original box... Title on box:  "The Thoroughbred".  These did not sell well when they were first listed on eBay in the early 2000s for $19.99 +$4 shipping.  Eventually I bought one.  Sally Rigg bought one in 2004 for $15.  Hers says "MADE IN CHINA"--inside a horseshoe, with "WEST WIND" and "c1998" under the horse shoe.  It is gray w/ black points and yellow hooves.  
20.440 Patty Anton photo.2nd pic shows hallmark on girth:  "J&S EL (TM) PRO /1941 c".  Difficult to read, as you can see.
20.510  9 1/4" (9 3/4" with hollow metal base) 22.5cm and 24.3cm)  Orange felt.  Satin brass finish.  Unmarked, though there is a shadow of a removed sticker/logo on the back of the base.  Looks like a high arc shape with two lines at the bottom, one straight, one curved.  This is probably a Philadelphia Manufacturing Co. remake of the Jennings Brothers piece 20.500.
20.775 Delana Metcalf says this is "a direct copy of the Breyer Belgian, same saize same dimensions, heck, even the Breyer mold mark!"  She thinks he's aluminum, he's very light for his size and is not magnetic.  Was attached to a simple wood base.  Photo and info from Delana Metcalf.
21.105 8 1/2" Brass.  Unmarked.  Copy of Breyer, see above pic of both.  Peggy Collins Col. ebay 7/04  One of these, painted and guaranteed "old" by the seller as a "HUBLEY" sold for $1250.
22.100 12 1/8" horse only.  13"--w/ base.  Heavy, but hollow base.  Unmarked, not magnetic.  Black.  LPGcol
25.110  11 1/2" (29.5cm). Black stallion and foal. Lightweight for size.  Foal w/base: 7 1/2" (19cm).  LPGcol
25.115  11" (28cm)--horse only.  On metal and wooden base.  Black.  Gelding.  LPGcol.
25.510  "Huge" says Maia Sornsen, who sent me this photo of one she bought on ebay in 2003.  She thought it was from the 1970s or 80s.  See memorial for Maia in the back of my GBE book.
41.199  3 1/8" (7.9cm)  Souvenir donkey, might have a faint camel logo on belly.  Lightweight, hollow.  MP col              
13.115  2 3/8"  (6.2cm) 
13.212 3 1/4" (8.5cm)  Pewter.  Clear sticker on front: "LIPICA" A gift sent to me from a friend after she visited the Lipizan Stallions' home in Slovenia.
13.213 2 1/2" (6.3cm) on belly: "WILDWOOD QUOSEY PEWTER S. CATT" This is a copy of a tiny mite, Hartland TWH.  SPcol/info
13.214  2 1/2"(6.3cm) "Kawcliff Pewter"--unsure.  DNcol
13.215  2 3/4" (6.9cm Pewter  PFcol
13.218  3" (7.5cm) A name, looks like 2 initials with last name is on belly, plus "PEWTER GDA c 1975" PFcol, see 13.460
13.228  4" (10.3cm)--mare w/base, but ears are bent.  "127?" and "Hudson and a cursive H) PEWTER" PFcol
I have seen slight variations of the K&O piece13.238 seen in MHF page28, including on rough version marked "MADE IN JAPAN".  
10.737 and 10.738. 2 1/2" (6.4cm)--Horse only.  With base: 3 3/4" (o.5cm). Mane on nearside.  Heavy.  Trophy Craft trophy pieces.  One brushed, one shiny gold finishes. Both from SPcol
10.99010.991, and 10.992: Left to Right: 2 7/8" (7.2cm) 2 3/8" (6cm), and 2 1/2" 6.6cm)  10.991 has a sticker under belly: "RIPRODUZIONE ARCHEOLOGICA" and "MADE IN ITALY"  All are green zinc wash.  Heavy.  See Durhams 11.020 etc. in MHF, very similar but different tails.  SPcol
I'm not sure of the measurements of these 3.  I also don't know who copied who, which came first!
13.035 2 3/4" (7cm) Black painted, likely over brass?  Heavy wire oval base.  SRcol
09.599  5/8" (1.7cm)  "c 2981 Hudson / USA PEWTER" DNcol